Sunday, 23 February 2014

Feed by M. T. Anderson

Feed was originally written as a science fiction novel for teens, ten years ago. But, its uncanny accuracy to contemporary life is eerie – so much so, that the publishers have just reissued it as an adult novel. The book explores what the effects might be of direct internet feeds delivered straight to your brain via an implant, so that, whatever you’re thinking about, you will have an instant stream of information, media, and adverts injected straight into your consciousness.

Titus is an average teen and he’s been enjoying the benefits of the feed pretty much since birth. He doesn’t have to do much thinking for himself, as the feed will notify him of the hottest places to party, where to get the best bargains, and the latest fashion styles – which change faster than the speed of light. But then he bumps into a girl who challenges everything the feed and his lifestyle stand for.

The author of Feed has taken the behaviour of contemporary teenagers and set it in the future. But, if you think about recent developments like smart-phones and Google Glass, you can see that many aspects of the Feed have seeped into our daily lives already.  Feed is an illuminating read with an unexpected ending.

Reviewed at Young at Heart

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