Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Everything Store : Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon by Brad Stone

Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, rocked the business world with his online retail store. Bent upon global domination, he drove down prices by negotiating hard with suppliers and focused on giving customers what they want: huge discounts and fast, no-fuss delivery.

Giving those big discounts means low profit margins, which means large volumes need to be sold, and Amazon has been super successful on that front. In the process, Bezos has amassed a number of enemies as physical retail stores felt the squeeze and company heads shook with fear as he rolled out his deliberate strategy of constant expansion into new sectors.

The Everything Store is a fascinating look inside the world of Amazon, its relentless growth, and the philosophy that drives it ever onward. From the logistics of parcel distribution and the development of the Kindle e-reader to the fierce competition in cloud software, Stone manages to explain the ins and outs of life in the technology business in a simple, engaging style.

What drives someone to single-mindedly revolutionise the world around them? From childhood, Bezos stood out and Stone explores the characteristics that led him to becoming one of the leading innovators of the internet age. An absorbing read big on insight into a unique brand of business.

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