Thursday, 11 September 2014

Fallout by Sadie Jones

Fallout chronicles the lives, loves and aspirations of four talented young people in London’s theatre scene during the 1970s. Lucas lives a life of quiet perseverance in Lincolnshire, caring for his alcoholic Polish father, and visiting his French mother in the mental hospital that has been her home since he was a boy. He works as a factory clerk, collecting Bob Dylan records and reading plays, without ever going to any live theatre.

One wet night, theatre hopefuls, Paul and Leigh, turn up from London and Lucas discovers two like minds. He throws in his job, heads for London and lands on Paul’s doorstep ready to dedicate his life to the theatre.

Meanwhile, Nina is an aspiring actress, struggling to be her own person, while her mother controls her auditions and appearances, and even her relationships. Like Lucas she is clearly damaged; when their worlds collide, the close working friendship Lucas enjoys with Paul and Leigh is suddenly at risk.

Sadie Jones creates a very intense story around her characters, filling in their histories, their insecurities and their flashes of brilliance. Tension builds between the characters, and Jones develops suspense and romance in equal measure, without descending into melodrama. She also immerses the reader in 1970s culture: feminism in the face of nudity on stage, experimental theatre, the music and fashions of the day.

Fallout is Sadie Jones’s fourth book, another credit to a novelist who can be relied upon to provide a vivid and diverting read.

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