Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards.

I loved The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. And like her earlier work, the plot of Kim Edwards’ new book, The Lake of Dreams has decisions and their consequences as a central theme.

It features two women of the Jarrett family, set a hundred years apart. Lucy Jarrett is temporarily unemployed in Japan and looking for some direction in her life. On a visit home to upstate New York, she learns that her great grandfather had a sister, but no-one knows anything about her. She has been completely erased from the family history and Lucy makes it her mission to discover her story. Who was Rose Jarrett and why was her life kept secret? Lucy’s search to find out what became of Rose and her daughter, Iris, strains her relationships with her own family.

Rose’s story was, however, not as obscured as at first seems and it is only Lucy’s ability to literally unlock the family secrets that ensures Rose’s sacrifices and struggles are finally acknowledged and she can move forward with her own life.  Another great read from Edwards.   Reviewed by JAM

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