Monday, 14 May 2012

Persuasive Writing: How to harness the power of words

The author, Peter Frederick, has been called a black-belt in persuasive writing. In this ‘how-to” guide he clearly lays out the skills and strategies he has garnered from a successful career securing grants for research companies and charity groups.  While covering a lot of ground, this book is aimed at people who need a quick reference guide to improving their writing.

Learn how to influence the emotional responses and decision making process of your readers. Primacy, recency, the halo effect, social proof, repetition, anchoring – all influential strategies are quickly explained in no-nonsense language with examples of how you can use them in your communications with bosses, colleagues, and potential customers.  Handy sections for writing emails, CVs and executive summaries are included. Recap the basics of effective communication such as punctuation, sentence construction, editing your work and formatting tips. If you want to create clear, concise documents that have the power to persuade, then this book will have you up to speed in no time.  

Persuasive writing : how to harness the power of words by Peter Frederick

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