Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Colonel Gaddafi's hat by Alex Crawford

The cover of this book suggests that, “Alex Crawford will forever be the journalist linked to the Libyan rising of 2011”. Alex arrived in Tripoli on 28 April 2011. She takes us through the precarious life of a Sky TV journalist committed to telling the story of the rebels from the battlefield.

I was very interested in this detail as my cousin Anton, photo journalist, arrived there at the same time. He was killed on the 5 April, 2011. Of course, I scoured the book for details of where he and Alex had both been. I tried to imagine how he might have coped and correlate some of the stories we heard with her's. Alex has four children and a husband at home and entered a war zone in pursuit of the story! This is astounding to me and one might wonder why? She asked this of herself when fear threatened to overwhelm her. She said that if she was going to die she may as well tell the world what was going on while she was at it. I was struck by the guts required to do this job and the friendly support and protection from the Libyans.
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Read about the author Alex Crawford OBE in an interview with Adam Jaques for The Independent -
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Colonel Gaddafi's hat : the real story of the Libyan uprising by Alex Crawford, 2012

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