Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Second Chances by Charity Norman

I was concerned this second novel by Napier based English woman author Charity Norman wouldn’t live up to her first brilliant one “Freeing Grace”. I needn’t have been.

She deals with gritty realities like: losing your business, alcoholism, P addiction and the world associated with it, and emigration and all that involves in a fast moving story that on the surface looks like it’s dealing with a tragic fall of a young sleepwalking twin. She has insight into the world of twins coming from a family with two sets. She has also skilfully woven Maori myth and place names (fictional) into this book set in Hawke’s Bay and here recent immigrant eyes give us fresh insight into some of our Kiwi traits and ways.

Other reviewers have likened her to Joanna Trollope. I haven’t read enough of Trollope to judge but I am definitely looking forward to her next book....Posted by CP

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