Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Snake Ropes by Jess Richards

 "On an island off the edge of the map, boys are disappearing. The day the tall men come from the mainland to trade, Mary's little brother goes missing. She needs to find him. She needs to know a secret that no-one else can tell her.

Jess Richards' stunning debut will show you crows who become statues and sisters who get tangled in each other's hair, keys that talk and ghosts who demand to be buried.

In the tradition of Angela Carter and Margaret Atwood, she combines a page-turning narrative and a startingly original voice with the creation and subversion of myths."  From the Publisher 

Author's website: http://jessrichards.com/index.html


Sarah Moss, The Guardian:  "A lost child's toy speaks, keys have memories, embroidered birds take wing... Richards handles her ambitions with aplomb." Read the full review at www.guardian.co.uk

On the Amazon Vine

"Snake Ropes is a stand alone book for me; I've not been so affected by an author ever before; it's an experience I won't soon forget."

"Snake Ropes is one of the most extraordinary books I've read in the last few years, depicting a world which will not be confined to some typed pages but which will suck you in, deposit you on a bleak and distant island and refuse to let you leave."


"Myths and legends and fantasy - oh my! Jess Richards has created a totally unique tale with Snake Ropes. Her writing captivated me from the very beginning and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough, while at the same time I didn't want her story to end. I was totally hooked by the world within this book and cannot recommend it highly enough. Just like the Snake Ropes of the title this tale twists around and around, forming a pattern of events that will hook you in and not let go. To think that this is a debut novel! I can't wait for what Jess Richards has in store for her readers next."

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