Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Victory at Point 209 by Andrew Burdan

Brand new! This amazing graphic novel by Andrew Burdan tells of Second Lieutenant Te Moana-nuia-Kiwa Ngarimu, 28 Māori Battalion, and his last days fighting for our country.

"On 26 March 1943, two weeks before his 24th birthday, Ngarimu led an attack on Point 209, a vital hill at Tebaga Gap in Tunisia. Under intense mortar and machine gun-fire, he led the assault up the hill, personally destroying two German machine-gun posts on a crest of the hill. Despite being wounded twice during the night, he and his men defended their position from several counter-attacks.

The following morning during a particularly strong counter-attack, Ngarimu was killed. Later the same day, the Germans still on Point 209 surrendered.

An easy-to-read, accessible story and history, in Māori and English editions, with illustrations and maps telling the story along with the text makes it ideal for all boys 10+, especially those who have difficulty engaging with reading." Huia Publishers

Ngarimu was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross and the decoration was presented to his parents in a huge ceremony held at Ruatōria on 6 October that year.

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