Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The White Lie by Andrea Gillies

A lovely story with memory at its centre. The 19 year old narrator takes us through the havoc wreaked by well-meant white lies and illustrates just how families operate.  It is a page turner!  Posted by Inky Fingers

The following 5 star review appeared on LibraryThing:
“What an extraordinarily perceptive and thought-provoking book this was - and what a relief to read, after having read a batch of much-hyped contemporary fiction which had proved disappointingly pretentious and vacuous..."

See Andrea Gillies' own website: www.andreagillies.com

See Publishers' website: http://shortbooks.co.uk/newsevent/the-white-lie

Andrea Gillies' book Keeper won both the Orwell Prize 2010 and the Wellcome Trust Book Prize 2009

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