Monday, 27 August 2012

The World of Downton Abbey by Jessica Fellowes

Have you been enjoying the Downton Abbey series? The world was so different a hundred years ago, for better and for worse.

"This lovely book includes a foreword by the series scriptwriter, Julian Fellowes. The book is written by his niece, but the focus is behind the scenes rather than the programme's plot. The chapters cover family life, fashion, servants, and marriage at that time. The photos are fantastic and the book gives a real insight into what went on behind the scenes." Thanks Kay at the Havelock North Library YAH Book Club for your review.

From the Publisher

Downton Abbey portrays a world of elegance and decadence, a world of duty and obedience and a world of romance and rivalry: this companion book takes fans deeper into that world than ever before. Step inside the front door of one of the most beautiful houses in Britain and wonder at the sumptuous decoration, marvel at the glamorous dresses as the family gather for dinner and sneak down the servants stairs into the kitchens and watch the staff working from dawn till dusk. Go out into the park and see the family head off for the hunt or out in the car to make visits; see the world of Downton come alive before you. Experience the inner workings of the downstairs life and be dazzled by the glamour of upstairs life with profiles of all the major characters, interviews with the actors, behind the scenes interviews and insights, and in-depth information on costumes and props. Using a structure to illustrate the main themes of the series, such as the family, daily life, war, servitude, society and style, different characters will be focussed on for each chapter. Also the text will give insights into the political and social history of the period, and real-life characters and situations for comparison and illustration.

Author Profile

"Formerly the Deputy Editor of Country Life and a columnist for the London Paper..." read more at Jessica Fellows' website:

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