Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Write to be Published by Nicola Morgan

Despite being helpfully subtitled: “The Crabbit Old Bat whips you into shape and helps you make a publisher say YES!” - this is a no-nonsense and realist’s guide to getting your book published. You will receive advice from an experienced and successful novelist about what publishers are really looking for when they read your manuscript.

This is not a ‘how-to-write’ handbook, rather it is focused on the actual getting published side of writing. It may not appeal to those just putting pen to paper, but if you’re 90% of the way there this book will whip your untidy manuscript into something the glimmers with the shine of success.

Reviewed at the Young at Heart Book Group at Havelock North Library (YAH)

About the Author,  Nicola Morgan - the Crabbit Old Bat
"Before trusting my advice, you need to know why you should. So, here's some CV-type information to help you. (Excuse the boasting but it's what CVs have to do... And, yes, I cringe.)

I have around 90 books published, mostly in the children's and YA markets. Some of my books for younger children are best-sellers in their category, and many of my novels have made it onto various shortlists and / or won awards, including being nominated for the Carnegie Medal. I have also written hundreds of articles for magazines, and reviews for The Guardian and The Scotsman."

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Write to be Published by Nicola Morgan 

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