Monday, 10 April 2017

Prick with a Fork: The world's worst waitress spills the beans by Larissa Dubecki

If you have ever worked in hospitality this book will give you a giggle; if you haven't then you will feel grateful; if you are a frequent diner this will positively horrify you.

Larissa Dubrecki spent 10 years working in dining rooms of all descriptions, and later as a journalist and restaurant reviewer.
From deranged chefs to entitled customers and passive aggressive waiting staff, Prick with a Fork is witty and at times nauseatingly honest.
Anecdotes also take a dark turn with  horrifyingly frequent accounts of sexual harassment and drug use.

Overall the book lacks cohesion but is mostly a good light-hearted diversion; and perhaps a warning to treat those who serve you, well.

Reviewed by Katrina

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