Friday, 30 November 2012

The Spaces Between by Russell Haley

Lulled by a great cover, an author who has also published poetry and a story set in contemporary Auckland, I was more than a little disconcerted to feel as though I’d landed amidst a chronicled video-game as the story bounced around between realities. I stuck with it as the main premise had reeled me in: a man wakes up in a dubious medical institution on Auckland’s North Shore after apparently being beaten up in downtown Fort St. But things are definitely not what they seem. ...Posted by Hastings Book Chat

 About the Author

In a writing career of over 30 years, Russell Haley has published several collections of short stories - one of which was co-published by Victoria University Press and New Directions in New York. His four previous novels were critically successful and his biography of New Zealand painter Patrick Hanley was an award-winniing book in 1989. Haley has held the Auckland University Writing Fellowship and the Katherine Mansfield Fellowhip in Menton. ....Wheelers 

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The Spaces Between by Russell Haley, 2012

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