Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Taliban Cricket Club by Timeri N Murari

The Taliban Cricket Club – how’s that for an incongruous title! And yet this novel by Timeri N Murari was actually inspired by the Taliban’s promotion of cricket in 2000 as a way to earn international acceptance. Its main character is Rukhsana, a determined young journalist - a career choice that is risky in a place like Kabul, as if being a woman isn’t bad enough.

When Rukhsana is called before the Minister for the Propaganda of Virtue and the Prevention of  Vice, she could be in big trouble. But Minister Zorak Wahidi wants to make a diplomatic coup through cricket, a game involving civility, fairness and equality, and he needs journalists on
board. Unlikely as it seems, cricket is a game Rukhsana can play. Anyone can organise a team, and Rukhsana sees this as a golden opportunity for a ticket out of Afghanistan for herself and her family.

The Taliban Cricket Club is a tense yet uplifting novel about people overcoming immense difficulties. It is a story about love, courage, passion, tyranny and cricket.

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The Taliban Cricket Club by Timeri N Murari, 2012

About the Author

Timeri N Murari was born and raised in Madras, India.  He has lived in London and New York, working as a journalist and film documentary writer before returning to live in Madras.

Read more about him on his website:

Also available there is a BBC World Service interview with him and a reading of The Taliban Cricket Club on YouTube. 

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