Friday, 17 May 2013

How to Create Chemistry With Anyone by Leil Lowndes

This isn’t the usual type of book that we include in our blog, but if you or someone you know are trying to navigate the wild world of singledom with a bit of finesse, then it could be an invaluable.

Firstly, at its most basic level, it is a handy little how-to guide for anyone hoping to get a handle on the more incomprehensible parts of dating. Just why don’t I like that gorgeous looking guy or girl who ticks every box on my wish-list? Leil Lowndes has found out the answer. Your physical body has surprising ways of picking a potential partner that you may not realise. With knowledge comes power and Lowndes provides tips on turning these chemically charged interactions to your advantage.

While that sounds a bit cynical, this book could be used for more altruistic reasons. Most of us know someone who has fallen head over heels in love with a totally unsuitable person. We know it, everyone else knows it, but they seem oblivious to danger. Can we save them? Probably not, but this book is a handy little reference tool for you to point out to the overly-impressionable just why they aren’t capable of rational judgement. At the least, it will salve your conscience knowing that you have attempted to avert disaster.

Finally – and surprisingly, this book has important implications for the health and wellbeing of the future generation. Do you know why choosing the future father of your babies while you are on the contraceptive pill may not be a good idea? Do you know the difference between lust, attraction, and attachment? Look behind the superficial façade of this book and you will find the facts that will make sure you are fully informed before you dive beneath the sheets.

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