Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Jackdaws by Ken Follett

Did you know that Britain sent fifty women agents into France and Occupied Europe during the second world war? In Jackdaws, Follet honours the memory of these women by writing a fictional story of an all women mission to destroy a target vital to German defences.

Flick is one such agent, surviving against the odds as a British operative in Northern France. The Germans know a Allied attack is inevitable and the Resistance is given the mission to disable a strategic communications facility.

The attack goes drastically wrong and Flick loses both her team and her Resistance fighter husband. Will she be able to regroup, put aside her fears and pull off this vital mission entrusted to her?

With the odds and time against her she assembles a new, untried all-woman team called the Jackdaws; together they will attempt to complete the mission or die trying.

An action packed story with strong woman characters and genuine suspense. 

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