Friday, 5 July 2013

So Far by David Trubridge

Local resident David Trubridge has an international design reputation. So Far is his just-published autobiography which showcases his work, philosophy, and design inspiration.

Tracing his career and life in a mostly linear path, the chapters are organised around the linking of earthly elements to the energy that infused particular periods of his life. While this may sound rather abstract, it provides a thematic structure for the book. The contents give a fascinating insight into the practicalities of marrying the creative with the commercial to develop a career and way of life that is both personally satisfying and financially viable.

Growing up in England, Trubridge trained as a naval architect before turning to furniture making to support his young family. In the early eighties, he and his wife, Linda, made the decision to sell their home and sail towards warmer climes along with their two preschool sons. After many years sailing the seas, the family returned to solid ground, eventually settling in Hawke’s Bay. Here he has managed to develop his work into a thriving business with products leaving his Whakatu workshop to travel around the globe.

Trubridge’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in his close relationship with the natural world. His furniture and lighting products are functional objects that reflect the forms found in nature and have been designed to have the least impact upon the environment as possible, while they simultaneously lift the spirits with their aesthetic beauty.

Trubridge has a refreshing approach to living in the modern world and he writes in a thoughtful and unhurried style that distils his philosophy of living lightly, yet creatively. His message is both timeless and timely: carry through life only what you need, but whatever you do carry should enrich your life both materially and spiritually.

The photos are gorgeous.

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