Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRoche

This travel romance memoir recounts the two-year journey of Australian Torre DeRoche and her Argentinian partner as they cross the Pacific in a small yacht.

The author begins the journey with strong anxiety about being on the open ocean, which over the course of several months develops into a satisfying confidence as she offsets her partner's frequent nautical near-misses and magnetism for injury.

The story takes place in a setting of oceanic weather extremes that most of us never get to experience, interspersed with periods of relative calm at beautiful island anchorages. Think palm trees, coconuts and azure-coloured water. It helps having main characters who are able to express their feelings, one with a charming Spanish accent.

DeRoche is painfully honest about her dilemma, which is an age-old one: to follow the head or the heart. As time passes she becomes more unhappy with the isolation of being at sea. Should she continue sailing with Ivan, although it is his dream, not hers, or leave him and return to Australia ?

The book is well-written and wraps you up in the story. You want it all to work out for them, and, like all good books, you feel a sense of loss when you finish reading it.

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