Friday, 27 February 2015

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

I picked up Me Before You by Jojo Moyes with trepidation, after reading a review online which claimed this to be the most ‘cried aloud’ over book ever. It didn’t take me long before I too was drawn in.

Me Before You centres around the relationship between caregiver Lou Clark and wheelchair bound William Traynor. It doesn’t sound very glamorous, but actually it’s one of the most compelling love stories I’ve read for a long while. It’s a story about love, but not just romantic love – it’s about the complicated layers of love, and how much love counts (or indeed, is tested) in the face of adversity, and physical, emotional - and ultimately, existential - pain.

I was reminded of David Nicholls’ One Day when I read this, not just because they both create such relatable characters, and a vivid British setting, but because, although both write with a light touch, they are not afraid to delve into the deepest and most painful of human experience.

There were tears. Yes, I cried. A lot. And questioned some of my most deeply held beliefs. But often it's worth persevering with painful subjects because hopefully out of the other side of discomfort comes an increased empathy and understanding for the struggle of others. This book was well worth the journey – and the lessons have remained with me long after the tears dried up.

By the way, Jojo Moyes latest book The One Plus One is now available at Hastings District Libraries.

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