Monday, 29 June 2015

The Twilight Hour by Nicci Gerrard

Nicci Gerrard takes a break from crime with the novel, The Twilight Hour, where an elderly woman looks back on a lifetime of memories, not all of which she is keen to share with her family.

Eleanor’s 95th birthday is approaching and her family are planning a birthday party at her hilltop home. But first Eleanor decides that she must clear away some of those papers that she does not want her family knowing about, and she goes about lighting a fire – in the library – and consequently setting fire to the velvet curtains and doing some damage. Her family decide that the time has come for Eleanor to sell up and move, either in with them, a decision she strongly objects to, or a home. Oh, dear.

Eleanor finally agrees to sell her house, but first a clearing out must be undertaken, but not by one of her large, extended family, it must be done by a stranger. That stranger is Peter and he and Eleanor meet and a friendship is formed.

This is an endearing and delightful story, truthfully written about age and ageing. There is a humour and an honesty that is quite touching. Eleanor’s story will delight you.

Nicci Gerrard is half of the writing duo, Nicci French, a husband and wife team known for their psychological thrillers, particularly their series featuring psychotherapist Frieda Klein.

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