Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Good Life on Te Muna Road by Deborah Coddington

So, so, good and worth reading! This former journalist has had a great life and had me smiling many times.

Deborah –a former journalist; writes a great book – she’s very honest about her life ‘warts and all’. She takes readers back to the hippie era in 1960’s Martinborough; so many names are familiar and she was part of the artist, protesters, poets, novelists and photographers set. Deborah and Alistair’s home Waiura seemed to be the centre of all the socialising – until he went bankrupt and they had to leave Martinborough under a cloud of unpaid debts. She then ran a Bay of Islands restaurant for a few years.

Deborah also recounts details of her career as a journalist and her term in Parliament as an ACT list MP. She later returned to Martinborough unsure of the reception – all was well, the community was outstanding , with a fabulous ‘can do’ and ‘all in this together’ spirit. She was accepted back into provincial New Zealand.

Later, wiser and very much in love, she marries Colin Carruthers QC and they buy a vineyard on Te Muna Road. With help from neighbours they build a winery and move a house on. She’s an at home mum and grandmother now, working the vineyard, as well as a columnist. Deborah has a great love of animals and tells stories of pig raising, poultry, birds, horses, and dogs. Lovely anecdotes are included of her cheeky animals, with names like Mugabe and Gorbachev, Crackling and Bratwurst.
If you love animals you’d enjoy the book – in fact I didn’t want it to end!

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