Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Pigs in Clover by Simon Dawson

"As of this moment in time, nobody has died, nobody has given birth and nobody has escaped. All 57 pigs, 18 sheep, 46 chickens, two ducks, two geese (the terrorists of the chicken field), two wild cats, two horses, four goslings, two goats and a one-eyed sheepdog. All where they should be. But it wasn't always like this ..."

The true story of a young couple - him a real estate agent, her a solicitor - who decide (well, she does) to head for the good life in Exmoor. His very reluctant transition from Londoner to the country - pigs, chickens and all - is hysterically funny, but also explores deeper questions like where our food comes from.

Beautifully written, makes some good points. Raw and honest. Has a sequel - The Sty's the Limit, which I will look for.

Posted by Marian, Young@Heart Book Club

Author reading to farm animals:

Catalogue link: Pigs in Clover
Catalogue link ebook:  Pigs in Clover
Catalogue link: The Sty's the Limit

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