Monday, 23 November 2015

Misconception: A true story of love and infertility by Jay-Jay Feeney

This book was written a couple of years ago, but when I saw a new copy I picked it up and then could not put it down until it was finished!  Jay-Jay Feeney is part of the top rating Edge breakfast radio show, alongside her husband Dom Harvey.

After her husband's fertility was affected by testicular cancer, the couple begin IVF treatment. Feeney wrote the book partly because she could not find information about this experience written by someone actually going through it.

Jay-Jay holds nothing back in sharing this very personal and at times heart breaking journey. Feeney describes her harrowing childhood - finding her father was not the man she thought, time spent in women's refuges, and sexual abuse from the age of six. Later she takes on care of her young nephew when her drug addicted brother is sent to jail. She also gives an insight into the busy and stressful world of breakfast radio: the early starts, maintaining ratings, and being cheerful when IVF is not working.

She describes with honesty and humour the medical procedures involved for the couple as well as the decision to share their experiences so that others going through a similar situation have somewhere to turn for insight and companionship.

Catalogue link: Misconception

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