Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Porcelain: A Memoir by Moby

I enjoy a good music autobiography and when I saw this I thought it could be quite interesting. I distinctly remember when the album “Play” came out, Moby's songs were everywhere. Not just radio, - TV and the film industry liked his atmospheric tracks and quickly picked up on them.

This memoir is very readable and but for the faint-hearted. It’s a warts and all look at Moby's early life and how he tried to balance the Christian Moby with the DJ/musician Moby.  Lots of amusing New York stories - drugs, trannies, drinking to excess etc - but in the end he doesn’t really say a lot about the man.  Sometimes I think he succeeded despite himself.

This book really should be called Moby: the early years as it only just touches on the creation of “Play” at the end of the book.  It’s somewhat disappointing as his life must have changed dramatically after “Play” and you don’t get to hear any of that. Maybe there will be Porcelain Part 2

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Catalogue link: Porcelain: a memoir

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