Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

A futuristic retelling of the Cinderella story where she’s a cyborg living in New Beijing? Yes please! Oh, and she’s one of the best mechanics in the Eastern commonwealth? Even better! She has a mysterious past and unexplained powers? I’m down for that.

I didn’t have too high hopes for this series, only deciding to read it because it’s been so popular lately, but man was I an idiot to put it off for so long!

It’s fun, fast paced, and while it’s a tad predictable at times (but hey, what fairy-tale retelling isn’t?), I loved every moment! The evil Queen wanting to take over the whole planet, check. The charming Prince who falls in love with Cinder before finding out her true identity, check. The fun sidekick (Iko the android who is probably my favourite character in the book), check. This book had all the Cinderella elements required, while also offering a fresh, new perspective to the old tale.

Then in the next three books, while also continuing with Cinder's story, we meet Scarlett (with the red hoodie and a love interest named Wolf), Cress (with the long, blonde hair, locked away by the evil Queen in a satellite in the middle of nowhere), and Winter (beautiful step-daughter to the evil Queen, with dark hair and lips as red as rubies), all of whom work with Cinder to help defeat the Queen.

Is it aimed towards teenage girls? Definitely. And there is A LOT of romance. But it is an exciting story about smart, strong teenage girls trying to save the world. Do they make mistakes? Of course. But they are all interesting characters and it was definitely a fast paced, feel good read!

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