Monday, 13 February 2017

The Secrets of Happiness by Lucy Diamond

Rachel and Becca haven’t seen each other since their much loved dad’s funeral, and as step-sisters who never got along, why would they need to? Rachel is busy making a go of her new business as a fitness instructor, and now a single parent of three since her messy divorce, has her hands full. A hint of a shocking secret about her mother sends Rachel to Manchester to ask more questions, but when she is mugged she wakes up in hospital unable to remember her address or phone number. What will happen to her children while she’s away?

Becca’s life has been a mess since her dad died. She has thrown in the towel on her jewellery business and is living in a dingy Birmingham flat, scratching a living in the hospitality industry. When her niece suggests to their baby-sitter that her aunt is the best option to look after them all, Becca makes her way to Hereford and her pristine sister’s house.

The result is a warm and funny read as Becca, unfit but very creative, helps keep her sister’s business afloat, and has to suddenly be a caregiver to her rebellious nieces and nephew. When Rachel gets home she’s not happy with having to depend so much on Becca, for whom she has a needling resentment. How the two overcome their differences and unearth the truth behind a couple of misconceptions drives much of the plot.

The characters of slap-dash, loud and undisciplined Becca and uptight, perfectionist Rachel are perhaps a little stereotyped if you look too closely. Better to just rattle through the story and enjoy the twists and turns and madcap humour. The minor characters of Rachel’s children and clients are more quirky and satisfying, however. The Secrets of Happiness is a light, diverting read perfect for the hammock or deck chair.

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