Wednesday, 5 April 2017

All new X-men Vol 2: Apocalypse Wars

Marvel at the moment seem to be reinventing heroes and villains by making them younger or as sons and daughters of the originals. They are trying to make them relevant to the younger reader and new, young characters are a way to do that. Some of the older characters have become a little stale.

The all-new X-men are of course, the old X-men circa 1964 trapped in the future. This creates new situations as these characters try and avoid becoming what they are told they will become. They are of course familiar (we know their future selves) but also young and naive. Mix them with a young clone of Apocalypse and a female Wolverine and you have an interesting mix. Apocalypse is one of the more interesting characters in the Marvel universe and what will happen when the clone meets the young Apocalypse?

We all know that they will eventually return to their own time and will forget everything that has happened, but just ignore that for the moment and enjoy the ride. A good read and more to come.

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