Thursday, 20 April 2017

Discworld series by Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett. Arguably the greatest comic fantasy writer in the history of comic fantasy. I say “arguably”, but personally my mind is made up, and I am a firm believer. Terry Pratchett is the author of the Discworld series (among others), a series of 41 books set in an alternate universe in which the world is flat and disc shaped and rests on the backs of four elephants (Berilia, Great T’Phon, Tubul, and Jerakeen) who themselves stand on the back of a Giant turtle named Great A’Tuin.

The first Terry Pratchett book I ever read was Mort, and I was instantly hooked. Even now, many years later, I love re-reading them all. I am currently reading Maskerade for the umpteenth time, and though some of you may baulk at the idea of reading a book again (and again and again), for me it is like my happy place - I often refer to them as my security blanket books. If I need something comforting, and in a hurry, I will instantly pick a Discworld book. As for a favourite, I would be very hard pressed to pick only one (I’m trying to think about it now and I just cannot choose. I love Death and his burgeoning humanity but I also love reading about Sam Vimes and how he has matured throughout his many appearances in the series). Though the Discworld books are technically a series of 41, any book can be picked up and enjoyed on its own. There are also a few fan-written reading order guides which follow the major story arcs. This is a good way of dipping a toe into the series, which can seem overwhelmingly large from an outside perspective.

Sadly Sir Terry Pratchett passed away last year after a short run battle with Alzheimers. Though he gave his daughter Rhianna permission to continue writing Discworld novels in his stead, she has chosen not to (and to be fair, this is a blessing and a curse - it’s hard to see how anyone could step into his boots, but it also means no more Discworld books…) However, don’t let this deter you from picking one and giving it a go. As well as the 41 books in the series there are also a number of related titles, both fiction and nonfiction, to keep you going. And like me, hopefully you’ll be hooked for life.

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Catalogue link: Discworld: Maskerade

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