Thursday, 22 June 2017

Always Watching by Chevy Stevens

I first discovered Chevy Stevens when I read her first novel, Still Missing. Still Missing follows a realtor who is kidnapped by a potential client and spends a year as his captive. I followed that up with Never Knowing, a book about an adopted women trying to find her birth parents. Once she find her mother she discovers that she was the only living survivor of a well known serial killer. While I was searching the shelves to find something to read I stumbled across Always Watching.

I enjoyed reading Always Watching and I managed to read it curled up by the fire in one night. I found myself developing my own theories about what was happening and who might be responsible- some which were correct and some which missed the mark entirely.  At times I did think the author had stretched some events out into the slightly unbelievable but I was willing to overlook it and I have put her other books on my ‘to read’ list.

Dr Nadine has recently given herself a new start. In her mid fifties, she is widowed, experiences bouts of severe claustrophobia, repressed memories and is estranged from her only daughter who has been living rough on the streets for the last seven years. She has given up her private practice, moved cities and begun working in the psychiatric ward of the hospital. She is in her element there, she can help people, heal people and rebuild lives. It is her safe haven.

Heather is admitted to the psychiatric ward after an attempted suicide. Nadine finds herself drawn to Heather and once she begins to unravel her story she begins to see connections between their lives. Both women have spent parts of their lives living in a commune. Heather recently, Nadine during her early teenage years.

As Nadine’s interest in her new patient begins to border on obsession and the lines of professionalism blurring, her past is quickly catching up to her. With Nadine, Heather and every else she holds dear in danger, she must begin to face her past and find the cause of her repressed memories before it finds her.

Reviewed by Kristen

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