Monday, 12 June 2017

Bit Rot by Douglas Coupland

Bit Rot is the term to describe the way digital files can spontaneously decompose. Who knew? On the cover, it states this book is a collection of stories and essays. Inside you will find keen observations and sharp musings on the world as it is and what it could become. Interspersed with fiction.

Here again, as one review puts it, is Douglas Coupland, trying to break our brains and our library cataloguing systems. Is Bit Rot fiction or non-fiction? It’s a collection of both! Oh noes!

Bit Rot contains short stories, such as Beef Rock (all librarians should read this); The man who lost his story; Bartholomew is right there at the dawn of language; Temp; and George Washington's extreme makeover. All with observations that will make you laugh and think.

If you don’t recognise these words: 
Bit rot
Blank-collar workers

- then you should probably read this book.

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