Thursday, 3 August 2017

No Place Like Home by Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark has been writing suspense novels since 1975 and to date has penned over fifty bestsellers. Having not read a Higgins Clark mystery in a long while I was curious to see how her books compared with the likes of more recent mystery writers Lee Child, Tami Hoag and Jo Nesbo.

Higgins Clark starts this thriller introducing us to her characters. This a technique she has used before so you know you have met the murderer even before the killing begins. Celia Nolan’s new husband Alex has bought her a house as a birthday surprise. What Alex doesn’t know is that this is the house where twenty-four years earlier, Celia aged 10, shot and killed her mother.

As Celia grapples with whether to tell Alex the secret she has carefully hidden, it appears someone else already knows. When a series of brutal killings start with the murder of their real estate agent, Celia not only becomes the prime suspect but she and her son Jack are in danger of becoming the next victims.

You cannot tell that this story was published more than ten years ago. Higgins Clark has the ability to make her characters contemporary and the way each character is explored had me suspecting, at some stage, nearly everyone in the story. The short chapters, a technique used effectively to move the story along quickly, means it is not long before the real killer is exposed. Although don’t read it too quickly as you might miss guessing who the killer is before it is revealed.

There have not been many writers who have consistently written good whodunit mysteries over a forty year span. Rest assured Mary Higgins Clark is still the queen of suspense; a tried and true thriller writer.

This title is available in print whilst her other titles are available in large print and as downloadable audio and ebooks.

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