Thursday, 9 November 2017

Like Nobody's Watching by L.J. Ritchie

‘When Oscar and his friends hack into the school’s surveillance system, the plan is simple: find the footage, blackmail the bullies, and leave no fingerprints. But the sense of power it brings them is hard to let go …’ – Goodreads.

This novel follows what happens when cameras are installed throughout the buildings and grounds of a Wellington high school to ‘stop bad behaviour’. Oscar and his friends know that there is bullying going unnoticed, so are unsurprised (although disappointed) when they find out that no one is checking the footage. Oscar is an expert hacker, and together he and his friends hack into the security cameras, find footage of the bullies, and email it to them, threatening to turn them in to the staff if the bullying doesn’t stop.

It was just meant to be the one time, but the group decides to keep watching, and blackmails more and more bullies. Eventually the school finds out it was them, and some people decide to get their revenge.

This was a fast paced story about the dangers of surveillance, especially when it falls into the wrong hands. While the group’s intentions started out good enough, the power quickly became too much. A great first novel by New Zealander L.J. Ritchie, and an exciting read for teens.

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