Thursday, 14 December 2017

The Break by Marian Keyes

If, like me, you have not read a Marian Keyes book for years (like 15), prepare for a treat and the perfect summer read. In a recent interview Keyes expressed delight and surprise that her books are read outside of Ireland. In fact the very Irishness of her books is a huge part of their appeal and her thirteenth novel is no exception.

The main protagonist in The Break is Amy, who lives in Dublin with her husband Hugh, two teenage daughters and sometimes her brother's daughter whom she treats as her own. Amy co-owns a small PR business with a couple of friends and has a close and sometimes fraught relationship with her eccentric four siblings and ageing parents.

Amy’s husband Hugh suffers a couple of bereavements in a short space of time and is reeling from grief and depression. He announces he needs some time out - six months of travelling and freedom with the promise of returning to family life at the end of it. What could possibly go wrong, I hear you ask?

The Break is more than an escapist read. Keyes deals with some serious issues, such as Alzheimer’s and the archaic Irish abortion laws. She also writes with humour and has a realistic take on modern family life. The Break is long enough to develop rounded characters and a plot you care about (or be infuriated by).

For me The Break was a great read after some very dark fiction. Just the thing for your mid-life crisis.

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