Friday, 23 February 2018

Tattletale by Sarah J Naughton

The perfect brother. The perfect fiancé. The perfect revenge.

Mags and Jody could not be more different. Abe's fiancé, Jody, has spent years not trusting anyone and avoiding dealing with her past. Everything started looking up for her as soon as she moved in next door to Abe.

Mags has not seen or heard from her younger brother, Abe, since she was a teenager. Imagine her shock when she is woken, in the middle of the night, to the news that Abe is in hospital, she is listed as his next of kin and there are tough medical decisions to be made. After years as a high flying Vegas lawyer, returning to the dingier parts of London where Abe has been living in a halfway home is a shock to her system.

Mags refuses to accept the Police’s decision that Abe’s injury was an accident. As Mags tries to discover what really happened to her brother, she begins to fill in the gaps. Is she putting herself in danger?

At first, I struggled to follow who was who and how they all fitted into the story. It took me a few chapters to really sink my teeth into this novel; luckily I was out at the beach with only one book so I had to keep with it. Tattletale is such a well written psychological thriller. It has you second guessing everything you think you know. The characters are well developed and I quickly became connected to them. Overall, I would easily recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good crime novel.

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