Thursday, 8 November 2018

Passages by Linda Trubridge

‘This story is for all explorers. The passages we weave through our lives find their truth in those we touch along the way’. Linda Trubridge

In the 1980’s, Linda Trubridge, her husband and two young sons left their established life and recently renovated stone cottage in England to purchase a steel yacht named Hornpipe; ten years later they would settle in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

The family had to be completely self-sufficient for weeks at time. Linda’s husband David was responsible for navigating by the stars and sun to ensure they arrived safely at tiny island destinations. Linda’s responsibilities reflected the often ‘invisible’ work of women everywhere, as she ably educated, cared for and courageously guided her children through life ‘passages’ in every sense of the word, while trying to maintain a sense of self and adult relationships in a very small space.

What is striking about Linda’s autobiography is her eloquent writing style which is almost poetic at times. There is also a certain spiritual element to Linda’s life, evident in her yoga training and affinity with nature. Passages is an honest and frank biography and although many aspects of the trip are idyllic (beautiful tropical islands in the Caribbean and Pacific anyone?) this is an incredibly open and honest story.

The Trubridges are a family of creative and resourceful people, which must surely in part be influenced by their amazing extended sea voyages and adventures. Linda is an artist and yoga teacher; David a world renowned furniture and lighting designer; Sam an artistic performance director and William a world-record holding freediver.

Lovely drawings from all family members are scattered throughout the text.


Reviewed by Katrina

Catalogue link:  Passages

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