Sunday, 3 February 2019

Book Chat Reads for January

Flaxmere Book Chat has started 2019 with some wonderful reading sparking some lively discussions. Here's a selection of what we've enjoyed recently.

The Wolf by Alex Grecian
Nazi hunter Travis Roan teams up with State Trooper, Skottie Foster who has moved back to Kansas with her daughter for a fresh start. Roan is chasing WW2 villain, Rudolph Bormann, who won't give in without a fight. A thrillingly plotted novel with good character development (Bear, the dog, is a scene stealer too!) and sharp dialogue.

Wild Garlic by Peter Thomas
A young mother leaves a troubled marriage by escaping to a derelict cabin on New Zealand's West Coast with her little boy. As she sets about making the cottage habitable and getting to know the locals, she is unsettled by unexplained events at her new home. A little slow to get going but an engaging story and an interesting setting that keeps you reading.

Frieda: a novel of the real Lady Chatterley by Annabel Abbs
The story begins in the early 1900s, a time when revolutionary new ideas were forming, including free love. Frieda von Richthofen begins to find her marriage to an English professor claustrophobic. Then she meets D H Lawrence, becoming his mistress as well as the muse for several of his books. But what about the personal cost of putting her desires for freedom above her children? A well-researched look at one of literature's most intriguing couples.

Seeing Red by Sandra Brown
This author is the goods when it comes to romantic suspense and a page-turning plot. Kerra is a TV journalist about to make her name by interviewing the hero of a Dallas bombing twenty-five years ago. But first she has to convince his son, a former ATF agent that it's a good idea. The interview seems to open a can of worms which endangers the principal players and a story full of twists and conspiracy ensues.

Arcadia by Di Morrissey
Morrisey's latest novel is set in Tasmania on the farm known as Arcadia, where in the 1930s Stella makes her home, falling in love with the surrounding bush. The story switches to the present day and follows Sally, Stella's grand-daughter and her voyage of discovery with best friend Jessica. A great read containing suspense, a touch of romance and family secrets. Morrissey really brings Tasmania to life on the page.

Out of Bounds by Val McDermid
Inspector Karen Pirie an expert at solving cold cases.  When teenage joyriders crash a car, a DNA test throws up a connection to a 20 year old rape case. The only trouble is, the lad turns out to have been adopted. With Syrian refugees needing shelter adding an extra dimension to the story, Out of Bounds is a satisfying and gripping novel with twists and turns and plenty of suspense.

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