Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Fatal Pursuit by Martin Walker

Bruno is a policeman of many talents; he cooks, hunts, builds his own house and grows his own food. As sole charge policeman in the small fictional town of St Denis, France, he finds lost dogs, fights fires, registers births and deaths, and enforces the parking regulations. He is also creative with his solutions for local crimes that often see him applying his own sense of justice.

In this the 9th book in the Bruno, Chief of Police series, Bruno is involved in the world of collecting and racing classic cars and in particular the disappearance, during the Second World War, of a Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic car. Dealing with the suspicious death of a local researcher, an out of control young boy and feuding family members, Bruno still has time to prepare mouth-watering French cuisine whilst entertaining a new woman in his life.

For fans of the Bruno series you will be meeting up with old friends. For those yet to discover the delights of St Denis then start with Bruno, Chief of Police. You will not be disappointed.

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