Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Quiet Spectacular by Laurence Fearnley

The Quiet Spectacular is Laurence Fearnley's seventh book; she is the author of some great novels such as Edwin + Matilda and The Hut Builder.

A hidden hut complete with a James Bond cutout and flowers serves as a refuge, and eventual meeting place, for three women trying to find meaning and direction in their very different lives.
Chance is a troubled creative teenager with a controlling mother, who finds solace in her school library.
Riva is a successful business woman, trying to fulfill a promise to her dying sister to save a local wetlands.
Loretta is a harried school librarian, researching dangerous women while trying to find courage in her home and work life.

The Quiet Spectacular is a gentle well crafted read with lovely prose.
However, if I am honest I didn't love it.  I certainly didn't hate it either.
Maybe the clue is in the title, which relates to the characters, plot and landscape.
The problem is I did love Edwin + Matilda and The Hut Builder - both such excellent reads; so perhaps I had overly high expectations.

Reviewed by Katrina

Catalogue link:  The Quiet Spectacular

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