Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl by Ryan North and Erica Henderson

This book is pure silliness. Seriously, don’t go in to it expecting too much and you’ll be just fine. Squirrel Girl is ‘nutty’ and ‘upbeat’ (not my words – that’s how the comic describes her), but she is also a whole lot of fun. The artwork is cute, the whole tone is light-hearted cheese, and honestly, I have no idea how a girl whose power is being able to communicate with squirrels could possibly make her a ‘superhero’, but the comic is silly enough that I just don’t care.

Plus, most of the leading ladies in comics are far too serious most of the time (Wonder Woman I’m looking at you), so it’s nice when there is one on the complete opposite side of the scale, even if she is so quirky and optimistic that I would probably punch her in real life if I ever had to have a conversation with her before my morning coffee.

But embrace the nuttiness and you’ll do just fine. Seriously, there are times when it is just plain ridiculous. But in a totally fun way. All you really need to know going in to the comic is this - Squirrel Girl: ‘Eats Nuts, Kicks Butts’.

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