Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovich

With the sixth novel in the PC Peter Grant series, author Aaronovich begins to draw on the threads that have been left loosely hanging in the first five books and further establishes this as one of the best fantasy series around, blending in police procedural and a hearty dose of humour.

PC Peter Grant, first apprentice wizard in seventy years, is called out to a drug overdose that on the surface shouldn’t involve him at all but one of the witnesses is the daughter of Lady Ty and he owes river goddess Tyburn a favour that she is seemingly calling in. Add to that mix, Reynard the Fox is holding an auction for a very rare book written by one Sir Isaac Newton, wizard and founder of The Folly - the institution that Peter and his boss, Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Nightingale live and work out of. Then there's the reappearance of Peter’s former friend and ex-colleague, Lesley May, when he is still smarting over her betrayal of trust, and some other familiar faces last seen in earlier novels and altogether you have a seriously good read.

I highly recommend this entire series but start from book one, Rivers of London, to best enjoy it.

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