Saturday, 18 February 2017

The New Avengers: Everything Is New & Standoff by Al Ewing

The Avengers have been around for a long time and have existed in many forms. In the old days they would have some crisis, a new team would emerge and it would carry on under the same title.

Now days, they reboot the team and call them the New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Young Avengers etc etc. This means fanboys/girls can collect the series from issue 1. (Issue 1 being a big thing for collectors.)

This collection of New Avengers appears to be a group of bit players who haven’t really been developed and in that lies the interest, like Squirrel Girl (has squirrel powers).

It also follows the current Marvel trend of making the heroes young and giving them young problems: to date or not to date? and also includes a gay couple in the team.

Also throw in Hawkeye trying to be the cool dad (he listens to The Clash on Vinyl) and it could be an interesting series. Lots of interaction with Shield and no doubt you will recognise bits from the Shield TV series.

If you are an Avengers fan you will get this anyway and as someone said, “this is not your parent’s Avengers”. Enjoy.

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Catalogue link: Everything Is New 
Catalogue link: Standoff

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