Tuesday, 21 March 2017

DC Universe Rebirth Omnibus Vol 1

We all like a good omnibus - large numbers of issues bound by a hard cover that you can read and reread to your heart’s content. Graphic novel book binding technology has always been slightly behind the times but in the last few years they have been able to make really large issues where the spine won’t split the first time you open it.

Now an omnibus is twenty or more issues in one. Usually they are collections of writers or artists that for some reason deserve a reissue/repackage.

So normally you have a lot of vested interest in an omnibus. Sometimes you have been waiting years for a collection to be gathered together or sometimes a series has been so successful they reissue it for the people who are only now coming on board and the fans who will buy two copies anyway. (One to read and one as mint.)

DC does neither of these things here. This is 21 issues of an entirely new story arc: Rebirth.

Initially that should sound interesting as you have 21 first issues but in reality you have 21 different stories that that are going in different directions. The connection is Wally West (Flash) as he appears in most of them and no doubt it will all come together in the months ahead. Saying that, this issue was fairly pricey so it’s an expensive way to collect. Another good reason to use the library.

Most of the stories are original stories with a twist around there being a problem with time. The characters are much the same with some minor uniform changes and a female Green Lantern character. Why we need another Green Lantern for sector 2814 as there are four or five active ones already, who knows! (Yes you can name them.)

It all looks much the same except except for the bits thrown in from the TV shows. Read it as an introduction to what is currently going on in the DC Universe and see if you want to continue as the story unravels.

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Catalogue link: DC Universe Rebirth Omnibus Vol 1

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