Saturday, 18 March 2017

Dr Bloodmoney by Philip K Dick

It’s good to see some of the older science fiction writers being re-released under this SF Mastersworks banner. Some of these novels have probably been out of print for some time and are well worth having a look at. The library currently has a number of books by Philip K Dick and some of his story collections in e-book format.

At one stage I owned most of Philip K Dick’s works - owning them was the only way of being able to reread them. Publishing houses never seemed to do big runs of his books, so they were always hard to find in libraries or second-hand bookshops.

In Dr Bloodmoney, there is not a long build up to the situation in which the characters find themselves and it all develops rather quickly from there. Basically there is a nuclear war and there are a number of characters who are known to each other before the war. They are reunited in the new circumstances, post-war, and what happens next, makes an interesting story.

Those who know Philip K Dick stories will be familiar with the various themes he presents in this novel. Well worth a read.

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