Thursday, 17 August 2017

One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus

Karen M. McManus has hit a home run with her debut young adult novel One of Us Is Lying. A friend sold this to me with the line ‘it’s just like The Breakfast Club!’ The Buzz online sell it as a mixture of The Breakfast Club and Pretty Little Liars; for once, I couldn’t agree more.

Monday afternoon’s detention is made up of five unlikely attendees ; all of whom claim they don’t belong there after cell phones were found in their schoolbags. Cooper, the jock; Addy, the popular princess; Bronwyn, the straight A high achiever; Nate, the criminal and Simon, the outcast and creator of an app, About That, that outs the secrets of all his classmates.

Before the end of detention, Simon is dead. A police investigation reveals that his death was no accident. It also quickly comes to light that Simon was about to post the juiciest gossip about his fellow detention attendees on About That. Simon knows everyone’s secrets and he is NEVER wrong. This raises the question - who was willing to kill to keep their secret safe? As the secrets begin to leak out the stakes just keep getting higher.

The danger with using characters that fit so well into teen stereotypes is that they can stay very two- dimensional but I believe not in this case. One of Us Is Lying is told from the points of view of the other four who were in the room that day. It did take me a few chapters to develop a connection with each of them then I quickly found my rhythm. I was rooting for each of them the whole way.

I have been in a pretty severe book slump for the last few months and I am so lucky this book came along. I could not put it down. I even managed to read it in one sitting even though I looked like a zombie the next day at work. I have been recommending this book left right and centre to anyone who will listen and have even gone as far as driving it to a friend’s house so they would have something to read while they were home sick. A must read.

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