Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon - reviewed by Jane Redward

A friend of mine had offered me her series of books by Diana Gabaldon a while ago and I thought – meh…...historical novels aren’t my thing.  However, when I looked at all the challenges in this adult reading programme I realised I had read most of (and then watched) pretty much all of the suggested books/movies apart from this one.  So, stepping out of my comfort zone I put on the DVD...

OH MY! What a series! Claire – what a fantastic leading lady – full of passion, fight and intelligence.  And Jamie, the ruggedly handsome, thoughtful, kind… (did I say handsome?!) ...highlander!  The series held more than I expected.  It showcased some stunning scenery (not just Jamie), dealt with some incredibly intense issues, was racy, sad and funny and totally held my attention. 

The only problem now is should I just get series two on DVD or read the whole series?!

Reviewed by Jane Redward

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