Sunday, 26 May 2019

One Pot: 60 super-speedy recipes by Robin Donovan

Any cookbook that says 'super speedy' and 'one pot' in the same sentence is meant for me. Combine that with ingredients that I mostly have and photographs that show the recipe at its different stages could make this a cookbook I would actually use. 

So I started with the Ham and Leek Risotto.

The recipe is segmented into 30 mins to go; 20 mins to go and 5 mins to go so I am quietly confident that I can do this recipe in the allotted time.

So I omit the leeks, substitute onions for shallots, peas for beans and parmesan cheese for some rather smelly hard cheese at the back of the fridge and I am on a roll.

Except the knife is in the clean but not emptied dishwasher so I digress and empty it while I wait for the rice, which means instead of 7 minutes cooking it gets 12 mins.

Then I need parsley which means going outside (in the pouring rain) to pick from the garden which adds on another 5 minutes. Then I decide to stick to the recipe and use the same pot which adds another 5 minutes for cleaning the pot.

Forty-five minutes later, dinner is served. Verdict: entirely eatable, even if I did put too much parsley on top. Plus there was enough for leftovers.

For my next endeavour I quite like the sound of Stuffed Steak.

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Catalogue link: One Pot: 60 super-speedy recipes

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