Wednesday, 22 April 2020

An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris

An Easy Death? Chef's kiss! So good! For two days I couldn't stop reading it or thinking about reading it. 

Gunnie Rose is one of those characters that's hard as nails for so many reasons; but mostly because she lives in a very tough world that takes more than it gives, and if she's your friend you're worth being a friend of. She's abrasive, raw and brave and a real survivor in a dog-eat-dog world. 

There is so much world building in this book: of a United States that is  a survivor but is also radically different, with bites taken out of its immensity by other countries. And not to spoil, but the Gigori's are such a huge part of what makes this so good. A not so secret group of magic users, relentless in their mission for the Tsar, with a do-or-die mission that falls too close to home for Gunnie Rose - what's not to love! 

An Easy Death has a very cinematic feel to it; it's action packed but full of magic, love,and danger. It speaks about family, both biological and found, and the fragility of life. Harris can be hit or miss at times with her series works but for me this one is a hit that keeps delivering right up until the end. 

I adored An Easy Death and can't wait to come back to Texoma, The Holy Russian Empire, and Gunnie's life again in the future.

Reviewed by Jeanette

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